Festival Stage plot

This page is information for the SR providers for festivals for our basic setup.

Stage Plot:


Input list:

  1. Lead Vocal (Chris)
  2. Backing Vocal (Paul – Bass)
  3. Backing Vocal (Callan – Guitar)
  4. Electric Guitar (XLR direct from Fractal AX8) – start with the EQ flat and HPF around 80HZ. The signal can be quite hot, please reduce gain to compensate. On an X32, we run the gain at +1.5db.
  5. Bass Guitar (DI or Direct out from amp)
  6. Drums as required by event


  • Ideally we’d like one monitor per person, but happy to work with what is required on different sized stages.
  • We are happy to share a single monitor mix at the front of stage, with a seperate mix for our drummer.

Mics and DI’s:

  • We generally use a mix of SM58 and E935/E945 for vocals when running our own shows. We can supply vocal microphones if required.
  • We can provide a JDI or J48 for guitar/bass DI if required.